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Pietro NardiniPietro Nardini (April 12, 1722 - May 7, 1793) was an Italian composer and violinist.

He was born in Fibiana and studied music at Livorno, later becoming a pupil of Giuseppe Tartini. As a violinist, he earned the admiration of Leopold Mozart. In 1770, he became Kapellmeister to the Grand Duke of Tuscany in Florence.
Nardini is mentioned in Hester Lynch Piozzi's Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey Through France, Italy, and Germany (1789) as playing a solo at a concert Mrs Piozzi and her husband, Gabriele Piozzi, gave in Florence in July 1785.
As a violinist, Nardini wrote a few compositions, though not numerous. Each are melodious and highly playable, useful in technical studies. Best known are the Sonata in D major and the Concerto in E minor.

Pietro Nardini - Viola and Piano Sonata f-moll Piano Music Sheet


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Sonata for Viola and Cembalo in B flat


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